Solid Sterling Music
Let Me Count The Ways
Late At Night
It's My Life And I'm Stickin' To It
It's Better That You Know
It Looks Like She's Here But It Feels Like She's Gone
In A Cold World
If There Were Ten-Year-Old Songwriters
If It's All The Same To You
If Ever I See Her Again
If Ever I See Her Again (rock)
I Never Looked At Love Your Way Before
I'm Too Damn Happy For You
I Miss You More And More Every Day
I'm Still Country
I'll Never Stop Loving You
I Hope He Prays
I'll Always Have Time For You
Every Hour
I Don't Want Any Leftover Love
I Don't Want To Live With A Ghost
I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love
I Do
I Can't Bear To Be Without You At All
How's That Workin' For You
How's Love Supposed To Work
Hot Chicks
Hookin' Up
Here At The Bar Of Fools
Happily Never After
Go Easy On My Heart
Fleeting Pleasures
Country And Some Country Rock
Eye To Eye
Down To My Last Empty Glass
Down To My Last Empty Glass (alt. lyric)
Don't Waste Your Love On Me
Distant Thunder
Down To Earth
Did You Ever Love Me
Broken Moon
Bridge Too Long To Burn
Better Naked Than Not
Best Part Of Me Gone
Best Lovin' I Ever Had
Account Closed
A Penny Lost
A Matter For The Heart
A Girl Down In Mexico
After Ours
After The Weekend
Ain't Gonna Let You Bring Me Down
All Over Again
All She Had On Was The Radio
Always You Make Me Feel
April's Fool
As Well As Could Be Expected
Baby It's Our Love
Between Hurt And A Soft Spot
Beyond The Best
Blue Black And Green
Brand New Saturday Night
Come On Over
Completely (female)
Did They Die In Vain
Do You Want To Make Something Of It
Easy To Say
Eyes Closed Too Tight (female)
Fake As A Rubber Snake
Familiar Surprise
Finding My Path
Girls Are Makin' Reservations
Hand Me All The Broken Pieces
Her Second Home
His Second Home
Holding Love Together Through It All (female)
How Did We Get Here
I Can See Why
I Can't Spend Another Night Without You
I Don't Love You Any More
I Guess We're Down To Love
I Just Cannot Wait
I Met My Shadow
I Think It's Time
I Wish You Wouldn't Leave
I Wouldn't Love Her With Your Heart
I'd Hug You But
I'm Already There
I'm Still With You (female)
I'm Still With You (male)
In The Middle Of The Night
Instead I Married You
Is There Love After Her
I've Been Here All Along
I've Been Here All Along (female; diff. version)
Learn To Dance In The Rain
Let's Make Love Tonight
Light Shade Of Blue
Losing Her By Fractions
Lost In The Moment (female)
Love Gives Only To Receive
(Love Trilogy Part I) I'm Givin' In I'm Givin' Up
(Love Trilogy Part II) Easy Come Easy
(Love Trilogy Part III) Here To Stay
Love Will Find You
Mailed Him Home To Mama
Mama You Were Right
My Cinderella Bella
My Heart Only Hurts When It Beats
My Love
No Fool Lives Here Anymore
On My Way Home
On The Leading Edge Of Love
One Wall Away
Only So Many Times
Only The Names Have Changed
Over The Wall
Please Don't Please Do
Put On Your Big Boy Pants
Say What You Want
See What You Made Me Do
Slingin' Beer And Callin' The Cops
Slingin' Beer And Callin' The Cops (explicit version)
Slow Fast Love
Some Things Better Left Unsaid
Somebody Ought To
Southern Splendor
Standin' At The Side Of Jesus
Starin' At The Sky
Take Me Back
That's When You Know
The Silence Wanted A Picture
There's More Where That Came From
Things I Wish I'd Never Seen
Tonight I Just Want To Dance
Two Kinds Of Buttons
Under The Fridge
Way More Hat Than Cattle
Wedding Party
We'll Get The Hang Of It Yet
We're All In This Alone
What Your Precious Love Means To Me
When I'm With You
When I'm With You (rock)
Whisper On The Wind
Why Don't We Just
Wrong Kind Of Paradise
You Are The One
You Are The One (female)
You Can't Have It Back
You Got It All
You're My Cure
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