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Don Tomlinson

Don Tomlinson started playing in rock bands at 16. After college, he had an opportunity to tour regionally with a band but turned that down to become a television reporter and anchor (degree in journalism). After a few years doing that, and while continuing to hone his musical skills, he went to law school to become an entertainment lawyer. After law school, and while continuing to play, mostly solo, he eventually started an entertainment law practice. Several years into that, he moved to Nashville from his hometown of Little Rock and became general counsel at the operations and production arm of Country Music Television ("CMT"). During the two years he was in Nashville, he began to write music seriously. His next stop -- a long one -- was teaching copyright law and entertainment law at two major state universities in Texas (he also is the author of several books, one recently co-authored with country entertainer Irlene Mandrell). During the next two-plus decades, he played in some bands but mostly played solo -- and wrote a lot of songs (about a quarter of them with co-writers). He began periodic pilgrimages back to Nashville to record. He now has more than 450 songs in his BMI account, and he has recorded almost 400 of his songs. He has had some indie cuts but nothing spectacular to report. He writes in several genres, most notably blues, country, rock (including one he calls "blue country rock"), pop, smooth jazz, adult contemporary, and Americana. He now devotes himself nearly completely to his first love -- music -- both writing and performing. While he very much enjoys performing, he believes the "highest and best use" of his creative skills is as a songwriter. In a short few months as a Broadjam member, he has had one song selected for a television program and two songs selected for an internet radio program. Email him at any time.

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