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Every Form Of Refuge Has Its Price

This is a smooth jazz album containing 12 songs, 9 of which were solo-written by Don Tomlinson. The other three, "Let's Make Love Tonight," "Maybe We Should Wait," and "After The Weekend," were written with his long-time cowriter, Jon Ingram.

These songs can be remixed, rearranged, played with varying instruments (to the point of genre-bending or genre-switching altogether), re-sung male (or female where applicable) in any key, and changes can be made to length, tempo, and lyrics as well. The metadata for each song is located below the lyrics (and in the MP3).

Note to Indie Artists: These songs are available for licensing without the lead vocal (and with or without the background vocals). If remixing is desired, the mixing elements can be licensed. For more information concerning licensing the tracks such that new vocals (and a new sound recording) can be accomplished, please email for details.
1: Every Form Of Refuge Has Its Price
2: While We're Still In Love
3: Two Kinds Of Buttons
4: Let's Make Love Tonight
5: I'm Trying Harder
6: See What You Made Me Do
7: Maybe We Should Wait
8: Come On Over
9: The Silence Wanted A Picture
10: You're My Cure
11: After The Weekend
12: It All Comes Back To You
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